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Chair of Governors' Welcome,

Welcome to the website of Immanuel Christian School. We are an independent family school in Westerleigh, South Gloucestershire which is run on Christian principles. The school exists to educate children in an environment where God is central and the teaching is based on a biblical worldview. We believe that this is the best way to help them develop their relationship with God and to equip them for life in society.


We aim to provide a stable, caring environment which fosters high expectations of personal conduct and helps pupils to develop both understanding and personal qualities of integrity, patience, kindness, obedience, honesty and self-control.


We understand that the primary responsibility for the upbringing and training of children rests with their parents. Our aim is to help parents in this and to encourage their participation in their child’s education.


The school is located in the historic village of Westerleigh in South Gloucestershire. The village can trace its roots back to the 9th century and provides a perfect location for a small family school. The school itself is situated in Rodford Tabernacle (a congregational chapel built in 1844), a listed building on the edge of the village.


The information on this website fills in some of the detail about how we do this on a day-to-day basis.


If you have any questions about the school or are interested in considering a place for your child/ren please contact us.


We greatly value the support of everyone and in particular would ask that you pray with us that the school will be a success to the glory of God.

Yours sincerely



Jonathan Gulliford

​Chair of Governors

Our Philosophy

The educational philosophy of Immanuel Christian School is what sets us apart from the majority of other schools in our area. 


Please click here for a full explanation.

Our Aims and Purpose

It is the Bible, as God's infallible word, which sets out the basis for the school and our motivation.


Please click here for more information.

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