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School Lockdown Art Competition

During the Corona Virus lockdown, with Immanuel students being unable to get to school and enter all their usual activities, the school held an 'Art Competition'. There were several categories which the students could enter, and these were as follows:

1) Spring in my Garden

      - to draw a picture that depicts the look of spring in a garden. This could be any style.
2) Photographic competition

      - this category was an open one with entrants having to photograph anything they find around them during lockdown.
3) Mexican Art competition

        - to paint a picture of anything in the style of Mexican art.
4) Getty Art Challenge

        - to recreate Famous art pieces in a photograph.

Below are the winners of each section with some notable mentions and a few other entries. Winners prizes will be received in the post shortly.

Judges were Mrs Harvey and Mr Homersley.

Spring in my garden

The winner of this Catagory  - Isaac.


Runner up - Wesley

Wesley drawing.JPG

Photography competition

The Winner of this section - Molly

Molly photo1.jpg

Other photos she entered

Molly photo2.jpg
Molly photo6.jpg
Molly photo22.jpg
Molly photo7.jpg

Mexican Art

The winner of this catagory - Kim

Kim art1.jpeg

Getty art challenge

The winner of this catagory - This was an extremly hard choice. All the enteries were of a very high standard, so all are displayed here. In the end the judges decided to award two first prizes. These were Rufus and Esther.

Winners - Rufus and Esther

Jen 2 Orig.png
Gulifords Art Competition 1.jpg

Runners up

Jen 1 Orig.png
Gulifords Art Competition 2.jpg
Gulifords Art Competition 3.jpg
Molly Ghetti 2.jpg
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