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In the Autumn term of 2018 Years 4 to 9 looked at web site design as part of their ICT course. They looked at the key attributes of a website, what makes a website work well and look good, as well as what doesn't. Things like good navigation, good appropriate graphics, well laid out pages, appealing and interesting content and being up to date. Also, the negatives such as no errors or bugs, no mistakes in grammar or spelling and no incorrect information. All these things make for a good website.

They then went on to design their own websites using the Weebly school website design tool, online. This gave them an opportunity to experience the problems with designing from scratch with a blank piece of paper along with some basic functionality of online tools.

Below are several links to the websites that the students designed:



Year 4/5

Year 6/7


Year 8/9


ICT Website Design for Yr 4-9

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