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Welcome to the website of Immanuel Christian School. We are a new independent family focussed school for children aged 4-16, Reception to KS4  (yr.11)  which is run on Christian principles. We provide schooling for Primary and secondary ages, all the way up to GCSE level. We hope you find the information on this website useful and informative, however, if you have any unanswered questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

Lockdown 2 Senior Art Competition

Click here to see the Entries to the Seniors Art Competition. A lot of excellent work and some very talented Seniors.

Year 7 Letter from Letters

Click here to see the letter that the year 7's received from Emma Carroll.

Well done year 7's. Emma seems very impressed with your work.

Lockdown 2 Junior Art Competition


Click here to see all the art entries to the Junior Art competition Feb 2021.

Amazing work from everyone, including one creative photo.

Lockdown Art Challenge

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Click here to see more of our student's inventive entries in the lockdown art challenge (plus a few from the staff as well).

Well done to everyone who took part.