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S C H O O L   L I F E

Easter Chicks


With the help of an incubator we have had the excitement of watching three chicks hatch and grow. We carefully monitored their growth in their shells over 21 days and are now watching them explore the outside world. Click here to see the pictures.



The school enjoyed a day out looking for the source of the River Frome in Doddington Park Estate, South Gloucestershire. This was followed by a trip downstream to the Oldbury Court Estate.


Photos of the trip can be viewed here.

A Visit to Caerleon


As part of our study of the Roman empire we paid a visit to the Roman army's fortress at Caerleon. It was a wonderful place to explore and to dress up. Click here to see what we got up to.

Den Building


In our afterschool club on Mondays we have been heading off to Wapley Woods to build a den village. As well as the dens we also made gargoyles out of mud to ward off unwelcome visitors! Here are a few examples.

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