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Welcome to the website of Immanuel Christian School. We are a new independent family focussed school for children aged 4-16, Reception to KS4  (yr.11)  which is run on Christian principles. We provide schooling for Primary and secondary ages, all the way up to GCSE level. We hope you find the information on this website useful and informative, however, if you have any unanswered questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

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2019/2020 Term dates

English Trip to see Pride and Prejudice

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Litterpicking and the Bug Hotel

Inter Primary Cross-Country League 2018/19

Some of our pupils recently took part in the cross-country races that make up the Inter Primary Cross-Country league 2018/2019. All the races were well organised and very enjoyable for those who took part.


All three pupils (Joshua, Rufus, Tilda) completed all four races with Rufus achieving 9th overall. He has now been picked to run for the County of South Gloucestershire.


Tilda achieved second overall and was awarded the silver trophy pictured. Well done to all three of you.


Here at Immanuel School there is a very positive attitude towards the local community and its wellbeing. In March 2019 some of the pupils went on a litter picking trek around Westerleigh to try and help keep the verges and hedges clear of rubbish. It is surprising how much can accumulate even in a small village like Westerleigh and the children managed to fill several bags with rubbish.


They also helped build an insect enclosure or 'Bug Hotel'. These are small structures designed to create an environment that is suitable for 'bugs' to live and even thrive in. They contain lots of natural materials that are dead or dying and will help cultivate the characteristics of habitats that insects and creepy crawlys love. These insects will go on and help the natural cycle of local wild life.

Below are some pictures from this event

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